Milonga na Chłodnej

Time: 22:15 
:  Aleje Jerozolimskie 123a – Millenium Plaza – 5th floor
(main or side entrance – dance room of  M&I Sulewscy School)

Price: 15 PLN

  • oldest milonga in Poland in new location
  • good DJs play classical Argentinian tangos (DJ changes every week)
  • nice and cosy atmosphere
  • bar (paying with credit/debit card is possible)
  • air-conditioning
  • City Center – easy access by trams and buses
  • good parking options (from Nowogrodzka street)

Milonga na ulicy Wolność

Time: 21:00
: ul. Wolność 2a
Price: 12 PLN or card Multisport/OkSystem + 5PLN

Detailed description will appear soon. At present please use Polish version of the site and e.g. Google Translator.

– milonga beginner-friendly
– nice, informal atmosphere
– alternative and “nuevo” (an advantage for those who do not like “tradition”)
– quite large dance room,
– very good prices at the bar for non-alcoholic products
– a glass of wine included milonga price
– the possibility of a partial payment for a ticket by Multisport card
– practice before the milonga
– special events “Cat milonga” – from time to time
– the group on Facebook and weekly invitations to milonga
– couch

– location slightly off-center
– alternative and “nuevo” (a disadvantage for those who like to “tradition”)
– not everyone likes to dance in the dance school (school climate on the milonga)
– quite large dance room (a disadvantage for those who like to dance in small space)
– not a lot of  advanced tangueros
– no alcohol at the bar